A groundbreaking solution to combat heat stress for workers exposed to increasingly hot climates. The result of the build up of body heat generated by muscle action during work and the heat produced from hot work environments, heat stress occurs when the heat is not released from the body fast enough. Everything from market research, fabric development and testing, plus the design of thd garment, has focused on keeping the wearer cool.


Innovative Features

Engineered fabric: Workcool shirts are made from an innovative Ripstop fabric.

Cooler: Ripstop fabric provides greater air permeability in combination with extensive venting in the underar shoulder and back to increase airflow and keep the wearer cool.

Stronger: Ripsto fabric provides increased tear and abrasion resistance. With triple stretching and bartacks for extra strength and durability.

More comfortable: Cooler, utility fit, lightweight and collar extension for sun protection.

Workcool 2