At the Workwear Group, value is defined over the length of the contract through our Total Cost of Ownership approach.

Our Total Cost of Ownership model considers the full management of the maintenance, service and management costs involved in the ongoing delivery of your workwear. Through this approach, we deliver value to our partners over the length of the relationship by serving the differing needs of your employees and internal stakeholders.


Total cost of ownership 

Unit Price

Built into our Value is:

Design and specification



Fabric testing for durability strength and comfort

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing location


Storage requirements of our clients

Market needs

Maintenance Costs

Built into our Service is:

Cost to launder

Cost to repair

Cost to replace

Availability of the Workwear Group to maintain clothing

Technical skills required to keep clients up to date with market trends

Capacity and capability requirements

Tailor made designs

Management Costs

Built into Innovation is:

Demand and compliance management

B2B systems implementation and maintenance

System interface costs

Ongoing reporting and data analysis

Compliance and government requirements

Supplier Costs

Factored into our risks are:

Safety and protection of all customers staff

Ongoing understanding of the supplier drivers

Meeting the mandatory safety requirements for high visibility

Effectively managing inventory costs for customers