Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Pooja Pira
Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Pooja Pira

Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Pooja Pira

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members.

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members. Throughout Harmony Week, we’ll introduce you to different Team Members from across the business and share a little bit about their backgrounds.

Introducing Pooja Pira, Finance Business Partner for Uniforms.

“At home, we speak English (or some form of code so the kiddos don’t understand what we’re saying!) but I did grow up with my parents speaking some Tamil at home. I can’t say I’m amazingly fluent but I do pull out the Tamil if ever in South India and bargaining at the shops. The price triples if you speak English! Tamil is quite a tricky language to learn, there are 247 characters in the alphabet. Also, colloquial Tamil is different to formal Tamil. Whenever I hear the Tamil news reporter I can only understand about 50% - 60% of it. Here’s a couple of easy Tamil words: Galatta which it means “chaos” or “celebration” and Aiyo! which means “oh dear” or a nice way to drop the F bomb.

Both my parents were born in India and I was also technically born there but was only there for the first 2 months of my life. My parents emigrated to pursue business opportunities and had to decide between Australia and the USA. Australia won as my dad loves cricket and thought it would be good to live near the MCG.

One of our most fun cultural events (there are SO MANY) that I love is called Holi. Basically it’s one big dance party where you wear white and throw coloured powder at each other… what’s not to love about that!? It’s traditionally more of a North Indian festival than a South Indian/Tamil festival but it’s celebrated all over to mark the start of spring.

I like to cook all sorts of food and one way I celebrate my cultural background is to try to cook the style of food my parents grew up eating and traditional dishes from South India (and no butter chicken is not one of them!). I do love coconut chutney, I sometimes have it on toast.” https://ministryofcurry.com/coconut-chutney/.

What do you value about Australia’s multiculturalism?

“I think I take it for granted how lucky we are to live in such a multicultural place, to me Australia would not be what it is without the various cultures and ethnicities around. I love the sharing of ideas and ways of life that come through being multicultural…and the food! Today I had a coffee from Tanzania, sushi for lunch and tacos for dinner!”

How do you think multiculturalism can add value to the workplace?

“It aids in bringing to light different ways of thinking, operating and varied perspectives which enhances creativity and innovation. I believe it also enhances our experiences and boosts morale at work. We should feel inclusivity is a priority in the workplace. Plus we spend a lot of time at work, I personally enjoy working with a varied group of people and feel it would be rather dull not to!”

Next up: Meet Nabila Siraj

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