Fire Rescue NSW


The Workwear Group is proud of our ongoing partnership with Fire and Rescue NSW. With the relationship beginning in 2003 and extending for a further five years in 2011, the Workwear Group provides a Total Apparel Management (TAM) contract service that offers supply chain responsibility for workwear apparel including firefighting ensembles, jackets, trousers, hoods, helmets, wet weather gear, high visibility and station wear garments.

The scope of this supply includes 229 separate products comprising 973 SKUs in total. Under the TAM partnership, an average of 100,000 uniform items are delivered across 28,000 orders under personalised shipments to 442 registered locations each year to 6,800 personnel in both metropolitan and regional areas.

The strength of our enduring partnership with Fire Rescue NSW was verified in 2011, when The Workwear Group was awarded the contract renewal for a further five years, following a competitive market tender for a new firefighting ensemble to meet changes in the Australian Standards AS4967. With these technical specifications argued as the most complex globally, the Workwear Group team undertook extensive in field research, development and design both locally and globally for the emergency services industry. Our commitment to serving the men and women of Australia who place their lives in danger, is of upmost importance to The Workwear Group.