The Workwear Group, as an incumbent supplier to ‘Energy Australia’ in 2012, was tasked with coordinating and implementing the introduction of the new ‘Ausgrid’ branding for field workers clothing.

The project was to issue new branding on both upper and lower items for all 4,000 fieldworkers, representing 35,000 units and one year’s full usage requirements by March 2013. The Workwear Group’s Ausgrid Account Management team, worked tirelessly to manage this undertaking. Requiring a collaborative approach, all internal teams from supply chain, operations, logistics and design, aligned to manage the project and guarantee the delivery date of March 2013 for our valued partner, Ausgrid.

Employee responses to the new uniforms saw demand rise considerably, outstripping forecast numbers by 100%. In response, the Workwear Group continued to prioritise the production of newly branded Ausgrid product to meet this demand, swiftly leveraging increased efficiencies through the Workwear Group restructure and our continuous focus on sourcing, supply chain and logistics to deliver our commitment to our Essential Services partner. These results delivered cost savings of approximately 20% across the top 20 Ausgrid garment lines.

These demonstrable actions to deliver value and our relentless pursuit of service excellence, proved our resolve to deliver upon our 5 Pillars of Partnership to our valued partner. Evidenced by the extension of the current contract to a 24 month period where we continue to collaborate to deliver further operational efficiencies to Ausgrid.