The Workwear Group, working in partnership with Essential Energy, undertook the complete re-brand of the ‘Country Energy’ branded fieldworkers clothing to ‘Essential Energy’. This project offered a short timeframe in which to delivery more than 52,000 units by 30th June, 2013.

Committed to service and continuity of supply, the Workwear Group delivered to our valued partner their workwear requirements, representing a 60% unit increase over current supply. The Workwear Group proactively initiated a full range review to ensure that Essential Energy were abreast of recently introduced recommended safety standards for hi- visibility clothing (4602.1.2011). Delivering upmost safety to their employees, the Workwear Group recommended the introduction of new industrial workwear solutions, that accounted for more than 21,000 units of the total order delivered.

Essential Energy’s account management team at The Workwear Group, have continued to focus on offering value to Essential Energy. Realising several price-down initiatives that represented a reduction on spend of approximately 20% to the previous financial year, these cost savings have been accepted in principle by Essential Energy and is currently under final review prior, representing an extension of existing trading terms and conditions until at least July 2014.