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    The diversity within the Health Sector demands thorough knowledge of the industry.

    Ranging from independent practices, large state and national hospitals, to aged care facilities, understanding the diversity of the Health industry is our point of difference and forms part of our initial consultation process with our Health Care partners. Reducing inefficiencies of dealing with multiple vendors, the investment we have made in the areas of online ordering, spend management and real time reporting, provides the flexibility to scale to suit your local, state or national needs.

    Our extensive brand portfolio led by NNT, offers innovation in textile fabrics and technological advancements that balances fit and functional design. We lead the way in health care, delivering a comprehensive range with breadth for team and division dressing. Our innovative UV ray repellent, anti bacterial fabric provides anti - microbial protection using Aerosilver (R) to inhibit the growth of germs, significantly improving infection control and preventing odour. Also integrated is Aerocool (R), a superior evaporation system which draws moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry. Balancing functionality with style, we use innovative methods in design and construction to produce high performance garments, characterized by a contemporary, professional look that belies the comfort and easy care properties.

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