Linfox KingGee Compression Trial


Committed to the alignment of commercial objectives, the Workwear Group has focused on delivering service excellence and adaptable supply chain solutions to our partners at Linfox throughout our five year partnership.

Safety is Linfox Logistics number one priority and operating with a Zero tolerance to workplace injuries, the Workwear Group proactively introduced the KingGee Compression range to the Linfox team. With the desire to enhance productivity and mitigate risks, the KingGee Compression range was introduced in a 6 month trial to measure the impact upon general injury cost impacts.

In this 6 month trial, the KingGee’s Compression’s climate control fabric, reduced workers joint and muscle fatigue, improved their recovery and performance from manual tasks and provided greater comfort. Feedback from those involved in the trial, stated that muscles felt more supported, posture felt better and employees were less tired after a week’s work through body fatigue. This supported by Linfox driver Sean Conway who stated “I feel much better at the end of the week, far less stiff and sore”. Endorsed by Professor Aaron Coutts at Sydney’s University of Technology, who stated “Collectively, these findings show that wearing KingGee Compression results in a state of increased readiness to perform for the next shift.”