COVID-19 A Note to our Community

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COVID-19 A Note to our Community
Posted on 25/03/2020



As the global COVID-19 crisis continues, I want to provide you with an update on how we are continuing to produce and deliver our essential products and services to the community, whilst ensuring the ongoing health, safety and wellbeing of our teams and our customers. The health of our teams remains our priority and we are taking ongoing advice as recommended by the Australian government and World Health Organisation to ensure their safety.

We are continuing daily, close monitoring of our supply chain and are in constant communication with our large network of suppliers across multiple countries to ensure minimal disruption to orders.

Due to careful planning, strong supplier relationships and the expertise of our team members, we are not experiencing significant delays at this stage. International flight cancellations are presenting some challenges, however, any customers that are directly impacted have been informed and we will continue that communication.

At Workwear Group, our priority is to continue to service our customers, with additional measures in place.

Support Office and Customer Service:

  • The majority of our office-based teams are fully functioning via flexible working to ensure social distancing, with a small number of team members based in the office, working at a safe distance from each other.
  • All large team meetings are held remotely via Microsoft Teams.
  • Our customer service teams who usually operate across three separate sites in two different countries are now fully functioning via flexible working.
  • Some customer service team members have taken up over-time options to ensure we continue to deliver the same high-quality level of service that our customers expect, during this busy period.
  • We prefer not to have visitors at our offices at this time and our team members are not permitted to make offsite visits. Our team members remain contactable and available for meetings via video calls such as Microsoft Teams, FaceTime or telephone. Our team members will not be travelling at this time.

Warehouse and Distribution Centres:
  • At our Distribution Centres, team members have been split into working groups across three shifts, over 24 hours. This allows for cleaning time between shifts, and team members are unable to overlap between shifts. We are also operating rosters so that if one team is impacted, there is a backup team to ensure continuity of workflow.
  • We have implemented restrictions on visitors to warehouses; contractors are restricted to essential services only.

Health and Safety:
  • We have an increased cleaning regime across all of our sites, including the number of cleaners and increased cleaning frequency of high touch areas.
  • Cleaners of all sites are on notice should we need a thorough hygiene clean immediately.
  • Frequent communication notices are issued to all team members at all sites regarding the need for ongoing increased hygiene measures.
  • We recognise that this can be an anxious time for team members and we have encouraged everyone to reach out to their
    manager or to utilise our Employee Assistance Program if they are worried.

Whilst this situation is continually changing and presenting some unique challenges, we can assure you that we are open, trading and committed to keeping you abreast of the situation at hand while imposing as little impact on your business as possible. We remain available to discuss your concerns at any time.

Doug Swan
Group General Manager
Workwear Group