Celebrating Indigenous Artistry

Workwear Group celebrates its collaboration with Indigenous Australian artists and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

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At Workwear Group, we have always valued and celebrated diverse cultures and artistic expressions. Today, we are delighted to share a special collaboration that highlights the rich heritage and creative talent of Indigenous Australian artists. Through these unique collaborations, we aim to showcase the beauty of Indigenous art while promoting inclusivity and supporting local communities.

Our iconic brand, NNT Uniforms (NNT), has embarked on a remarkable journey of collaboration with the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation. We believe that incorporating Indigenous art into our workwear not only adds a vibrant touch but also fosters a deeper connection with the land, stories, and traditions of Australia’s First Nations People.

Through these collaborations, we have had the privilege of working with talented Indigenous artists from the Yuendumu community. By engaging directly with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation and the artists, we ensure that their culture and artistic integrity are respected and celebrated.

Together with these artists, we have co-created workwear designs that showcase their distinct styles, storytelling, and Jukurrpa (dreamings). These designs honour the artists’ cultural heritage while blending seamlessly into a healthcare environment. Each garment becomes a canvas for Indigenous artistry, allowing individuals to wear and embrace the spirit of Indigenous Australia.

Earlier this year, NNT had the remarkable opportunity to donate 50 of these Indigenous polos, each adorned with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, to the Fred Hollows Foundation’s annual uniform update. The Fred Hollows Foundation is a renowned not-for-profit aid organisation founded in 1992 that focuses on treating and preventing blindness and other vision problems. Their clinics provide a safe environment where First Nations People can access the critical treatments they need.

Each of the donated polos donned the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, as well as the Fred Hollows logo and website details, serving as a symbol of unity and progress. They were received by the dedicated professionals on the ground in Northern Territory in March 2023 and debuted at their annual conference in May.

At Workwear Group, we are honoured to collaborate with Indigenous Australian artists and the Fred Hollows Foundation. Through our collaborations, we celebrate the profound beauty of Indigenous art, support visionary healthcare initiatives, and empower Indigenous communities.


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