Increased Capacity at our Welshpool Warehouse

Workwear Group is proud to announce we’ve recently increased capacity at our Welshpool warehouse in Western Australia.

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Workwear Group is proud to announce we’ve recently increased capacity at our Welshpool warehouse in Western Australia. Our commitment to meeting customer needs, improving delivery lead times and optimising our operations have driven a series of transformative changes for the purpose of enhancing our service capabilities and delight our valued customers!

These fresh, transformative changes include:

  • Safety improvements for people & machinery
  • A 30% capacity uplift
  • Improved delivery times for customers
  • Strengthened on-shore logistics

Initially we identified areas within our warehouse that were not effectively utilised. Mindful of cost efficiency, we undertook a thorough evaluation and reconfiguration process. By strategically relocating and splicing existing racking, we successfully transformed our initial capacity of 8,000 storage locations into an impressive 19,000 storage locations! This significant expansion enables us to store a higher volume of cartons, thereby empowering us to cater to a larger customer base within WA. Most of our WA customers are now serviced from within WA, as we wanted to prioritise local service. Additionally, this has led to a reduction in delivery times allowing us to meet the expectations of our WA customers.

With this total revamp of the space, we can now store stock in a special area up high which can then be accessed via machinery rather than manually. This major revamp has not only optimised storage capacity but also provided a more ergonomic and efficient solution for our dedicated workforce.

At Workwear Group, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This journey of improvement and expansion has been driven by customer feedback and their evolving needs. “As we grow in WA we saw the need to expand capacity and capability of our warehousing so our customers have more choices, more volume and faster delivery,” shared Matthew Blashki, GM Uniforms and Operations.

We are incredibly proud of these transformative changes and the positive impact they will have on our customers and our team. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our commitment to delivering exceptional service and meeting the evolving needs of our growing customers.

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