Workwear Group's commitment to Indigenous futures through education

Workwear Group continues to support First Nations People to create a brighter future through CareerTrackers.

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Workwear Group is dedicated to ensuring that our businesses are places where First Nations People feel welcome and valued as employees, customers, suppliers, and citizens. With this front of mind, we look for partnerships that can provide opportunities for Indigenous persons, and this is why we started our relationship with CareerTrackers.

On October 29, 2009, CareerTrackers was born – a national non-profit with the goal of creating pathways and support systems for Indigenous young adults to attend and graduate from university, with high marks, industry experience, and bright professional futures.

The success of the program has been recognised by employers, governments and, most importantly, Indigenous communities throughout Australia. CareerTrackers students complete university at higher rates than their non-Indigenous peers, and 95% of Alumni are in full-time employment in their field within three months of graduation.

The underpinning philosophy at CareerTrackers is ‘Students at the Core’. Our Port Melbourne office was privileged to host intern Lucinda, a student undertaking a bachelor's degree in textiles at RMIT with a strong interest in sustainable textiles – a perfect fit for our business!

Lucinda’s 2 months with Workwear Group was split between two departments, our Design team headed by Arthur Thomasse, and our Textiles department, managed at the time by Walter Peters.

Website title | Work Wear Group Corporate
Website title | Work Wear Group Corporate

Get to know Lucinda:

Lucinda grew up in the Macedon ranges with her mum, dad and two younger siblings. Growing up she felt disconnected from her Aboriginal heritage as her Papa was part of the stolen generation. This meant she grew up not belonging to any particular mob or Indigenous community. It’s only lately that she has begun to find her place and celebrate her heritage through the help of ‘CareerTrackers’.

All through high school, Lucinda was drawn to creative outlets and when it came time to selecting a course to set herself up for the future, she found herself juggling between many options. After attending an open day at RMIT University, Lucinda gravitated to Textile Design. 

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Q&A with Lucinda:

WWG: Can you tell me a bit about your course, how far along are you, what do you want to be doing once you have finished study?

Lucinda: I'm studying a bachelor of textiles design at RMIT in Brunswick and I have just started my second year. The course works across lots of different disciplines eg. fashion and interiors, to create many varying textile outcomes.

Once I’ve finished studying I’d like to work for a design business to gain some experience. Ideally, I'd like to work somewhere with a mix between print, fabric design, and fashion.

WWG: Have you previously done an internship?

Lucinda: No, this is my first internship.

WWG: Why did you select Workwear Group for your internship?

Lucinda: I selected Workwear Group for my internship experience as I felt the internship position aligned really well with my personal interests and skills. I also felt it was a really great opportunity for my own personal growth and to increase my confidence. Workwear group also seemed like a very interesting company and I was intrigued to learn and know more.

WWG: What was your experience like interning at Workwear Group?

My experience at Workwear Group was amazing. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful throughout my entire time here. I felt like I was very immersed in everything going on and learned so much. I was involved in so many exciting and engaging tasks/projects that have taught me many new skills.

WWG: What was your favourite part of your internship?

Lucinda: My favourite part of the internship was being able to work closely with some of the designers. Over my 2 months here I was really lucky to be able to complete quite a bit of design work as well as really get to know the designers and their processes.

WWG: How has the internship helped you towards your career goals?

This internship has given me so much experience and an amazing chance to build on my professional skills. I will be able to take these new skills and experiences into my future studies and career life. It has also helped me to make contacts with the many people I have worked with over my time here.

WWG: If you could write a review about working at Workwear Group, what would you say?

: Workwear group is a really efficient and collaborative business. Everyone working here is so passionate about the work that they do and the things they produce are largely impressive. I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity to work with and amongst everyone here.

If you would like more information about our partnership with CareerTrackers, or you are interested in partnering with Workwear Group, please fill in our contact us form here.

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