Jetstar’s New Uniform Soars, Manufactured by Workwear Group Uniforms

Born from a collaboration between Workwear Group Uniforms and Ginger & Smart, Jetstar’s refreshed uniform range has been revealed. It launches as the company prepares to celebrate 20 years since taking to the skies.

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The collection was designed by Genevieve Smart of Ginger & Smart, who worked alongside a focus group of 40 pilots, cabin crew, and airport team member ambassadors over 12 months.

“Working alongside an external designer presents our team with a valuable opportunity for collaboration, enriching our knowledge through mutual learning,” said Workwear Group Uniforms’ Design Manager, Arthur Thomasse. “This program has been characterised by its high level of engagement, uniting various key stakeholders in a collective effort.”

The uniform will be worn by more than 5000 of the airline’s frontline team members across Australia, as well as at Jetstar airlines based in New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore.

“All colours and accessories are unique and have been specifically developed for Jetstar,” Thomasse continued. The new palette, inspired by a sunset seen from an aircraft window, includes a vibrant orange complemented by classic luminous blue.

To minimise the environmental impact of disposing of Jetstar’s current uniform, they will be working in partnership with BlockTexx, an organisation that Workwear Group Uniforms supports, who have developed and use recycling technology to turn textiles into raw materials that are then used to create new products.

Thomasse explained that the Workwear Group Uniforms team greatly valued the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts. “It is an enriching journey where the exchange of ideas and perspectives contribute to the team’s growth and development,” he said.

The 40 Jetstar team members were involved throughout the design process, providing input on styling, print and colours, including the recent wearer trials, conducted by Workwear Group Uniforms.

Jetstar Cabin Crew Manager, Kat Vass, said she was proud of the final product. “We have worked on developing our new uniforms for some time now, testing them extensively both on the ground and in the air,” she said. “The new uniforms are professional, comfortable, and designed with so much care and thought.”

Jetstar Group CEO, Stephanie Tully, said that the uniform represents the beginning of a new era for the airline, its people, and its customers. For Workwear Group Uniforms, the uniform, and the collaboration, serves as a continuous learning experience. Thomasse said, “It sheds light on the nuanced differences between retail and the uniform sector.”

The uniform will begin rollout in late 2024.

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