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Functional Fashion

Whether it is 1962 or 2021, the significance of a uniform holds the same value. It is a tangible representation of your professional profile; who you are, what you do and whom you stand with. We at NNT understand the true power of a uniform, and it is why we have been doing it for almost 60 years.

In today’s market, NNT is known for supporting corporate and health apparel for some of Australia’s largest brands. It has been through these partnerships that our collection of functional-fashion has evolved and we are able to offer new and existing clients the opportunity to access these tried and tested ranges through our online shopping site.

Our mission is simple, we want to provide working professionals with peace of mind through the reliability of a well-constructed shirt, the conscious decision of sustainable products and the flexibility of technical fabrics. We want you to feel your best, and feel prepared to tackle the day every time you put on your uniform. It'll be your armour to protect you through the difficult times, and your badge of honour when the day calls for a victory lap. 

NNT by industry



When clothing is made well and fits right, you'll be sure to look smart and stylish in the office and at that all-important networking event.


Casual Corporate

Dress in our more relaxed version of casual-corporate clothing that offers every wearer the perfect balance of style, charm and polish.



NNT's healthcare range is designed to meet the rigors of the everyday working lives of healthcare professionals in any situation.



Impress clients with a professional appearance by wearing a stylish NNT uniform.



From chefs to front of house, bar and wait staff, NNT has something for every member in the team.


Local Government

Your team can enjoy seamless style, effortless work dressing and significant savings at tax time.


Add the finishing touch with embroidery

Have you chosen your apparel and want to add a little something extra to showcase your brand? Contact us for more information.

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