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Our People

At Workwear Group, our people are our greatest asset. We are proud to foster a vibrant, inclusive culture where people are valued for their unique experiences, contributions, skills and perspectives. We celebrate diversity and support our peoples’ growth through engaging learning and development programs and opportunities for career progression. It’s all about making Workwear Group ‘the place to be’ for work.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Workwear Group’s number one priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, and we have robust plans, policies and programs in place to support this commitment. We have a strong safety culture and set, measure and report on clear and ambitious safety targets with a continuous improvement focus. Activities within our continuous risks assessment program include regular site audits and proactive ‘Walk the Talks’ & Safety Interactions.  

Workwear Group is also committed to providing a psychologically safe work environment for our people. We have accredited Mental Health First Aiders, offer mental health coaching through Beyond Blue New Access, provide an online Employee Assistance Program and an online Wellbeing Gateway. We seek to prioritise employee wellbeing through interactive workshops and webinars focused on both physical and mental health, and provide programs such as ergonomic support, warm-up/strength programs, defensive driving courses and first aid training to further strengthen our safety and wellbeing culture.  

Diversity and Inclusion

Workwear Group is proud to foster a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce. We want our people to feel a strong sense of belonging, to know they are valued, and to feel empowered. Workwear Group has developed a diversity and inclusion strategy to guide our efforts and sought input from our people to better understand our cultural differences and how we can leverage diversity as a strength. We pay particular attention to gender and multicultural diversity and the engagement and participation of First Nations People and deliver programs such as unconscious bias training to support equal opportunities and respect for all employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

Learning and Development

At Workwear Group, we are committed to developing and growing our people. We have a range of initiatives in place to support the ‘exposure’ and ‘experience’ pillars of career development, in particular. This includes a mentoring program, communities of practice, coaching groups, and deliberate knowledge-sharing activities such as Lunch & Learns. Reflection, application, and feedback are the cornerstone of our learning initiatives; this aligns to our ‘We Learn’ brand where we encourage curiosity and problem solving to build our learning culture.

Learning & Development - leadership program

Culture Champs

Workwear Group as four Culture Champ committees that deliver key initiatives around diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, community, and social connections. These committees are a great way for employees to contribute to our culture and build important connections and conversation across our teams.  

Our THRIVE committee focuses on improving emotional and physical wellbeing and facilitates events such as financial webinars, pilates and bring your dog to work day. Our I Belong committee works to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Our Community committee drives community initiatives such as team volunteering and supports corporate partnerships, such as with The Big Issue. And, our Social Hub committee helps connect teams and celebrate our values through social gatherings and themed events. 

If you would like to learn more about what it is like to work at Workwear Group, please visit our careers page! 

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