Unveiling Workwear Group’s New Packaging Standard, Designed to Reduce Waste and Minimise Single-Use Plastic

Workwear Group (WWG) is committed to reducing our environmental footprint by looking for new ways to reduce waste and packaging across our brands.

New Packaging Standard

WWG is firmly committed to taking a leading position in the realm of sustainability, continuously refining and adapting our goals as needed. In this pursuit, we closely align our aspirations with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s (APCO) 2025 National Targets, given our status as a proud signatory to APCO. To pave the way towards these ambitions, we’ve developed a comprehensive Packaging Standard. It will help us in steering our efforts towards streamlined packaging practices and in advocating for environmentally friendly alternatives across all our brands.

We have adopted the use of a single swing ticket for all upper garments. Our swing tickets will be attached to garments using either jute twine or similar alternative instead of plastic attachments, a small but impactful change that contributes to our overall plastic reduction efforts.

We are also taking steps to provide information on proper recycling and disposal practices by providing clear iconography on key packaging items such as shoe boxes, poly bags, swing tickets, and cartons. This initiative aims to empower our customers to make informed choices in the disposal of packaging when they receive their product from any of our 4 brands: Hard Yakka, KingGee, NNT Uniforms, or Workwear Group Uniforms.

We are preparing to use branded shipping satchels to dispatch our products. Fully recycled from post-consumer materials, these satchels give new life to existing materials. This is a significant milestone that WWG has hit on our journey to improve our packaging.

And the work doesn’t stop there. We are continuing to explore new and innovate ways to display product information, further reduce packaging materials and work with suppliers to embrace more recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

WWG is committed to delivering high-quality products in a more sustainable and responsible way to our valued customers through meeting APCO targets, hitting our own goals, and pursuing innovative packaging solutions. This Packaging Standard is an exciting milestone in an ongoing journey, so stay tuned.

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