Workwear Group & CareerTrackers Partnership Provides First Nations Interns with Industry Experience

Over three years ago, Workwear Group (WWG) partnered with CareerTrackers, who are a national non-profit organisation whose goal is to create pathways and support systems for young First Nations adults.

Summer interns Satine and Kaylah

The internship program supports First Nations students from Year 12 into university, helping them to navigate their studies while linking them to paid internships that relate to their interests and career aspirations. 

Last summer, we welcomed Satine and Kaylah as summer interns. 

Satine joined our Wholesale Marketing Team, managing tasks such as copywriting and creating social media posts to support campaigns. “This internship has been helpful with figuring out what I want to pursue,” she told us. “I’ve realised I want to work in marketing or advertising in the fashion space.” 

Satine started 2024 by embarking on a Communications & Media degree, but she also has a background in fashion and design, no doubt providing some extra knowledge for her WWG internship. Initially, she was offered a Design internship with us but expressed interest in a Marketing role, which we were able to accommodate and were pleased to see she slotted in well.  

With a fast-paced environment and a team brimming with ideas and experience, Satine was able to dive headfirst into her responsibilities, while also having a bit of fun on the side. “Right now, I’m soaking everything up and enjoying the social culture and flexibility at Workwear Group.” 

At the same time, Kaylah joined WWG as an intern in the People team while she completes her final year in a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. She plans to go on and do Honours and a master's or PhD. “Neuroscience is my jam,” Kaylah told us. “I love the mental health side, but I really love to see what happens when you do things to the brain.” 

“Being exposed to a lot of new people and processes has been helpful,” she said about her internship. “I’m nowconfident in how things at Workwear Group tick, as well as all the different areas of business. I’m also a lot more open to the idea of working in a collaborative organisation, compared to working in research or psychology, which is often self-lead.” 

Kaylah describes the internship process with CareerTrackers to be straightforward, saying, “You just tell the team what you’re interested in and provide some university documentation so they can understand if you have the capacity for an internship.” 

“The CareerTrackers team consider your degree and how you align with organisations,” she explained. We do the same at WWG, identifying areas where we have the capacity to host an intern that can be provided with support. We then match the student accordingly and they’re exposed to multiple opportunities while developing transferable skills that enable them to progress through university and beyond. 

Since Kaylah has started her final year of university, she’s been able to continue doing remote work on a casual basis with WWG. We’re accommodating her university workload and schedule, but already she’s been a major help in several projects, including the expansion of our mentorship programs this year. 

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