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Emergency Services

When help is needed

With safety as the Number 1 priority, we invest in truly understanding the needs of our end-users - the people who put themselves on the line, every day.

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Designed for confidence

The Workwear Group provides the men and women who rely on their uniforms everyday to protect our community with the confidence to perform their duties. Continuity of supply is critical to the operational strength of the Police Forces around Australia and we offer the best in consultative stock forecasting, entitlement and inventory management, adopting a just in case mind set to alleviate threats on supply.

This is evidenced by our investment in innovating online ordering systems which allows for local deployment from bulk orders to suit specific requirements at an operational level. We deliver workwear solutions that understand the importance of mobility, comfort and visibility, for real world performance.


Front-line expertise and understanding

Those facing the front line, from full time staff to volunteers, should be confident the clothing they wear provides the utmost safety that they themselves deliver to others. The Workwear Group is a keen driver in raising industry benchmarks, leading development in thermally stable textiles with solid investment in innovative garments to meet strict testing methods.

We have a dynamic team, many of whom are experienced in the Fire and Emergency services environment. Offering local account management and centrally located logistical support, we deliver value through our intrinsic knowledge and grasp of local state economies. As a specialist apparel supplier with core competencies in clothing design, manufacture and distribution, we can offer our partners a single supplier solution with full accountability for the quality, price and supply chain process. Leading innovation can be witnessed with the Life Cycle Management Process, our propriety initiative that tracks each Fire Fighting Ensemble's deployment, wash, wear and maintenance cycle over its lifetime through RFID chip technology.

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First onhand to help

The Workwear Group is committed to delivering cost effective solutions to provide leading design and fit-for-purpose uniforms that Ambulance Service personnel feel safe and comfortable wearing. We understand the importance of remaining at the forefront of industry trends and are involved in no less than eleven National Standards Development Committees - a testament to our development and industry leadership.

Our operational garments take into account the extreme conditions the Ambulance Service may face when executing their tasks. Fittingly, the Workwear Group provides a number of innovative fabric options, including the Workcool 2 range of one and two piece overalls that provide greater air permeability, and increased tear and abrasion resistance. The Workwear Group also provides wet weather garments with our 'Epic' fabric range, a unique silicone polymer encapsulation technology infused into the fabric, lending permanent strength to the fabric and significantly enhancing weatherproofing, breathability and air permeability. The Workwear Group further provides for dress suiting and full regalia, delivering value through sourcing from one committed supplier.


We make it easy to identify you in a crowd

A visible security presence is a strong deterrent and helps to ensure safety. Our security solutions achieve professional appearance tailored to suit your environment, and deliver industry standards and real-world comfort.

Our portfolio, drawing upon our industrial and corporate apparel ranges, provides for the full variety of industry, government, customer service, and client-specific workwear requirements. We cater to challenging work environments and ensure your employees are confident and positioned to deliver the highest level of security services.
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We proudly dress the men & women
who serve to protect

We have a diverse list of clients we work with, each with a unique set of needs.

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