Personalise solutions
Personalise solutions
Personalised solutions

Fit for Greatness

Workwear Group Uniforms is an end-to-end uniform solution, giving access to the world class brands of Hard Yakka, King Gee and NNT, as well as bespoke uniforms and apparel management solutions, for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our clients wear some of the most recognizable uniforms in the market, which span across public sector, health, industrial and emergency services and professional services.

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your needs

The fabric of your brand

Your brand is a tangible representation of your organisation’s values, embedded into every aspect of how you operate.

Your uniform should speak proudly of your brand and actively help your people do their jobs well, feel confident and look great. Insights from our research and client experiences show that a uniform strengthens your organization when:

  • Employees trust that comfort, fit and styling have been considered in wardrobe design
  • It reflects your brand's values, contributing to brand equity
  • It has a positive impact on customer and client perceptions, enhancing your reputation in the marketplace
the process

With you every step of the way

The key to a successful rollout of a new uniform program is a well thought out plan, agreed timelines and defined roles and responsibilities which engage the right people throughout the process.

At Workwear Group, we start this process by looking at the end delivery date we need to achieve and the specific client interactions required eg. wearer trials, ordering approval processes and executive approvals. From here, we are able to map out key milestones and dates for when these activities need to be completed.

why us

What makes us the no.1 choice

Teaming up with Workwear Group Uniforms means you have access to the following:

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We have a team of passionate uniform specialists excited to help you and your team create a distinct look that is fit-for-purpose.

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