Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Anna Nguyen
Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Anna Nguyen

Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Anna Nguyen

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members.

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members. Throughout Harmony Week, we’ll introduce you to different Team Members from across the business and share a little bit about their backgrounds.

Harmony Week may technically be an Australian event, but Workwear Group would like to celebrate multiculturalism across the whole business! Introducing Anna Nguyen, a member of the NZ Manufacturing Team.

I was born in Saigon Vietnam and I came to New Zealand as a refugee from Vietnam, we were known as the “boat people.” I have been living in New Zealand for 41 years and I love it.

I speak Vietnamese at home with my family, here are some examples of commonly used words. ‘Xin chao’ hello, ‘tam biet’ bye, ‘cam om’ thanks,‘xin loi’ sorry.

An important cultural event that I celebrate is “Tet Vietnam.” It is a traditional Lunar New Year in Vietnam. The event usually lasts for three days but can continue for a whole month. Tet is an important time for family gatherings and we wish everyone good luck for the coming year. We play games such as Bau Cua (a boardgame) and have palm readings. Most people go to Church or the Temple to give thanks for the past year and offer prayers for the new year or visit the cemetery to remember their loved ones who have passed.

Bau Cua

We have a big lunch with a lot of special dishes like banh chung a traditional meal made with glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and other ingredients. Legend has it that a Prince of the last King of the Hung Dynasty became his successor because of he created this dish and also Bánh Day, which symbolizes respect for the earth and the sky. Considered an essential item on the family alter on the occasion of Tet, the making and eating of banh chung during this time is a well-preserved tradition but can also be eaten all year round as a favoured Vietnamese cuisine. Recipe: https://runawayrice.com/main-dishes/square-sticky-rice-and-mung-bean-cakes-banh-chung/

My Feeling is that New Zealand is a great multicultural country allowing us to experience the traditions and foods of other countries we might not ever have gotten to do without travelling.

Multiculturalism adds value to my workplace because we share and learn to understand each other.

Next up: Meet Candice Keates

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