Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Irene Tzintzis
Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Irene Tzintzis

Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Irene Tzintzis

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members.

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members. Throughout Harmony Week, we’ll introduce you to different Team Members from across the business and share a little bit about their backgrounds.

Introducing Irene Tzintzis, Manufacturing Supervisor. In 1988, Irene started work as a (very shy!) machinist in Clayton. She then moved with the business to Noble Park and Keysborough, before settling in a the Port Melbourne office. Irene has been with the business for 33 years in some way shape or form.

Irene’s parents were both born in Greece, her dad comes from a Greek island (Samos) and her mum comes from Northern Greece (Florina). Irene’s father emigrated to Australia in 1963 when he packed up a suitcase and followed his sister for a better life and more work. He travelled via ship and the journey took about a month. In 1962, at age 18, Irene’s mother came to Australia by plane with a girlfriend. She had the choice of going to America or Australia, her destiny was Australia.

Irene believes that Multiculturalism adds value to the workplace by allowing us to express ourselves without prejudice and enables people to share their cultures with everyone. In a broader context, Irene values Australia’s multiculturalism for the offering of a multitude of delicious cuisines and a better understanding of the human race.

Irene continues to celebrate her Greek heritage in a number of ways. She enjoys cooking and eating traditional Greek foods, her favourite dish being souvlaki with fresh tzatziki. She also celebrates Name Days, which she describes as “kind of like a birthday, but instead of celebrating the day by yourself, everyone with your name celebrates the same day!” At home, Irene and her family speak both Greek and English. Fun fact, did you know that the Greek alphabet was invented over 3000 years ago and most of the English letters we use today derive from it?

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