Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Nabila Siraj
Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Nabila Siraj

Celebrating Harmony Week - Meet Nabila Siraj

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members.

At Workwear Group we’re proud to celebrate the diversity of our Team Members. Throughout Harmony Week, we’ll introduce you to different Team Members from across the business and share a little bit about their backgrounds.

Hello my name is Nabila I work in the Uniforms Corporate Garment Tech team as a Garment Technician. I work in a great team of highly skilled technical people. “We solve all of the world’s problems” as our technical manager Neil says. I mainly work on the NNT catalogue ranges as well as some banking, healthcare and retail hospitality clients. I work closely with the design, fabric, sourcing, sales, planning and product teams. I Have been at workwear group for 3 years and 7 months (not that I’m counting). In my time here I have worked collaboratively on developing a wide range of product and have learned a tremendous amount. I have built some amazing friendships and some great work relationships here.

I was born in Sudan (Northeast Africa) and moved to New Zealand when I was 8 years old. My parents were born in Eritrea (East Africa) we celebrate our cultural background by attending cultural events within the Eritrean community and we still eat Eritrean and Sudanese food often.

I speak Arabic at home with my family and I also speak Tigre which is one of the nine languages spoken in Eritrea. Eritrea has nine different tribes who dress differently and have their own dancing styles. I am mixed with two tribes Saho and Tigre. The image below shows the different tribes of Eritrea. A phrase I will share in Tigre is good morning which is Kafo ats bahka (when speaking to a male) or Kafo ats bahke (when speaking to a female).


What is an important cultural event that you celebrate and why is it important to you?

We celebrate Eritrean independence day on the 24th of May every year which is when Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia on May 24th 1991. There is usually an Eritrean independence event in Melbourne where singers from Eritrea are flown over for it. There is a lot of music, food and dancing. I usually attend this with my family. It’s a great way to meet other Eritreans in Melbourne.

What is your favourite cultural dish and why?

My favourite dish is Zigni and Injera which is a stew/curry style dish served on injera which is a sourdough flat bread (best way I can describe it) There is a picture below it is usually served with a side of salad or sautéed vegetables.

What do you value about Australia’s multiculturalism?

As someone who is originally from another country I value how diverse Australia is and in particular the diversity in Melbourne. Seeing people from all cultural backgrounds definitely gives me a sense of belonging. I think living in a multicultural place definitely makes people more open and accepting of differences.

How do you think multiculturalism can add value to the workplace?

I think multiculturalism allows us to learn about different cultures which helps us connect with each other on a more personal level. There is so much we can learn about someone by understanding their background. It also allows people to bring their unique life experiences and different ideas to the workplace which I think is valuable.


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