KingGee takes steps to be more sustainable
KingGee takes steps to be more sustainable

KingGee takes steps to be more sustainable

KingGee announces the use of Global Recycled Standard endorsed TPU material in a range of footwear. Used in the outsoles, toe and heel bumpers, KingGee aims to set a new benchmark in the market by being the first brand to call out this enhancement.

KingGee continues to lead the way in design, quality and innovation, now turning their focus on embedding sustainability into their product DNA. A market first, KingGee has announced that the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) has accredited 100% of KingGee TPU as recycled material.

All TPU engineered into our range, whether in the outsoles, toe or heel bumpers are all recycled. This rubber-like material provides greater resistance to oil, grease and abrasion, as well as 130 degree heat resistance for a reliable, comfortable and quality wear.

This vital step towards sustainability launches the brand’s promise to continue to contribute to a more sustainable future by incorporating more recycled materials and sustainable initiatives into their new and existing product range.

In 2019 alone, KingGee imported 55,000 pairs of their boots with recycled TPU into the industry, minimising the environmental impact by reducing waste going to landfill and incinerators. The reuse of the material also helps conserve natural resources.

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