Lock-down Mindfulness for ALL
Lock-down Mindfulness for ALL

Lock-down Mindfulness for ALL

We could all use a little more zen in our lives… particularly those of us living in metro Victoria! Workwear Group rolls out online Yoga and Meditation sessions for all employees.

There have been numerous reports that identify the by-product of this pandemic has been a surge in mental health cases, and our internal Health & Wellbeing program “Thrive” stepped up activities to support all Workwear Group employees through this challenging time.

Amongst these activities was an online forum to attend weekly yoga and meditation session with a professional teacher. Ashley started hosting in-person yoga sessions with the Port Melbourne team late last year as an initiative off the back of employees interested in creating a better work/life balance. The response was so great, that when we moved to working from home, and consequently Ashley was no longer able to teach in a studio, the idea of digital sessions was born.

A little about Ashley: Ashley is a young and passionate yoga and meditation teacher based in Melbourne. After representing Australia in the Womens National Soccer Team and sustaining a career ending injury, Ashley eventually found the incredible practice of meditation and yoga.

After falling in love with the practice of slowing down and connecting body and mind she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali and is now excited to share the transformative and invaluable power of these practices.

Ashley’s top 5 tips to get the most of your meditation practice:

  1. Choose a consistent place to meditate. Make this a space you love to visit. I like to call it a 'sacred space'. Hopefully somewhere quiet, away from distraction. You might even like to burn a candle or some incense.
  2. Let go of the need to achieve anything or "do well". In meditation we learn to be still, to do nothing, therefore there is nothing “to do well”. It is the practice of being. It is very rare we give our bodies the chance to be so still yet awake. Enjoy it!
  3. Know your wins and stay positive. If you realise you became distracted, this doesn’t mean you are doing badly, in fact quite the opposite. It means you were aware and came back into focus. This is a win and it
    will happen over and over again. This is the process of meditation.
  4. Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. Like anything, the practice of meditation takes time. Truly give yourself permission to relax.
  5. Trust in the process. This is probably the best piece of advice to follow if you want this practice to work for you. Unless you trust in the process of meditation it will be hard to move forward. Trust that you are elevating your personal growth, trust that this is time well spent, trust that this process will bring a positive perspective to your life and beyond.


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