Recognising the great work you do - 2020 UGR Winners Announced
Recognising the great work you do - 2020 UGR Winners Announced

Recognising the great work you do - 2020 UGR Winners Announced

UGR - Unwritten Ground Rules

Here at the Workwear Group, we believe having a positive workplace culture is critical to the success of our business. And that is why we initiated the awards program known as the UGR AWARDS.

What are UGRs
Unwritten Ground Rules or ‘UGRs’ are people’s perceptions of, "This is the way we do things around here." UGRs drive people's behaviour, but they are rarely, if ever, talked about openly. Most leaders know about the importance of culture, but very few understand corporate culture in simple and practical terms. The concept of UGRs changes that. To improve organisational culture and bottom-line performance, we need to improve the UGRs and aim to create a more positive perception of “how we do things around here at Workwear Group”.

How is this applied at Workwear Group?
In 2016, with the guidance of the UGRs creator Steve Simpson, every team member across the organisation had an opportunity to provide feedback on the areas of culture we wanted to become famous for. This led to the development of what we now know within Workwear Group as our five core values:

  • Accountability
  • Boldness
  • Customer First
  • Openness
  • Integrity

Each quarter, Workwear Group acknowledges and celebrates those teams or individuals who best demonstrate positive UGRs by living and breathing our five core values – Accountability, Boldness, Customer First, Openness, Integrity and every Christmas, a team or individual is chosen as the annual award winner.

Following a nomination process by a line manager or peer, the winners of our UGRs are selected by a very important group inside our business, the Culture Champs.

We wish to congratulate the following teams and individuals for their outstanding contribution to Workwear Group’s culture in 2020:

Accountability | We take responsibility for our own actions and the actions of our team
Sue Wright

Boldness | We are empowered to take risks and try new things
Merchandise, Marketing & Sourcing Teams AU
Hong Nguyen, Luan Pham, Anna Cardinali, Anna Jamieson, Melinda Erickson, Irene Tzintzis, Stephanie Trajkovski, Nicky Burt, Arthur Thomasse, Warren Santos, Walter Peter, Jamil Ganondvala, Asiri Seneviratne, Nikki Zarra, James Simon, Elise Robertson, Julia Bevis

Customer First | We put our customer at the centre of everything we do
Erman Djemil, Asiri Seneviratne , Kevin Fernandez , Amit Sirohi, Walter Peter, Dannie Laboski, Leo Xia, Leanne Corcoran, Evelyne Zhang

Openness | We work together as one team
David Hunt

Integrity | We do the right thing by our people, community & environment
Suzie Learmonth

Workwear Group Spirit Award | For the individual that best demonstrates all five of Workwear Group values, as well as having a strong track record of delivering results.
Erman Djemil

Congratulations to all our winners! 


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