Workwear Group & Eat Up Sandwich Challenge
Workwear Group & Eat Up Sandwich Challenge

Workwear Group & Eat Up Sandwich Challenge

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Do you know what it feels like to be hungry? I mean really hungry? Imagine sitting at your desk and you have been working really hard, so hard that you lost track of time and your stomach starts talking to you. That audible grumble that is telling you “it’s time to eat”. But, you didn’t bring any food to work, and you can’t purchase a meal, what would you do?

This is the reality for 10.9% of Australian children that are living in poverty. And without food, these children are struggling to concentrate, which means they are struggling to learn, which ultimately means, their future is severely compromised. These children don’t always know how to ask for help, and that’s why we need organisations like Eat Up.

With the generous help and lunch-making skills of a dedicated army of volunteers, Eat Up makes and deliver thousands of lunches a month to schools around Australia. In fact, since 2013, they have delivered over 500,000 lunches. Which is over 500,000 afternoons of learning salvaged from the grips of hunger. And they are committed to keep going until all of Australia’s hungry school kids are fed.

Today, Workwear Group put our sandwich making skills to the test and set out to be the fastest organisation to make 1,500 sandwiches. With the music blasting and spirits high, each team member manned their station with sheer determination. At the one-hour mark, the Jonas Brothers “Sucker” came to a holt, followed by the announcement we had made 1,503 delicious cheese sandwiches in record time! Yay Team!

It wasn’t until we saw the physical stack of sandwiches that we realised just how important this activity was and considering the small amount of time we provided, it will have such an impact in supporting the quality of life for many young Australians. On top of feeling truly humbled by this experience, the team had a ball! So much so many team members were asking “when can we do this again?!”.

If you would like to learn more about Eat Up please visit their site at





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